‘What Would You Do?’ Episode Guide (July 22): Nightclub Discrimination; HIV Positive Man

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‘What Would You Do?’ Episode Guide (July 22): Nightclub Discrimination; HIV Positive Man

“What Would You Do?” (07/22/16) – Using actors and hidden cameras, “What Would You Do?” creates situations to capture people’s genuine reactions. In the show’s landmark 10th season, anchor John Quiñones continues to ask the tough questions and explore the decisions people make when presented with these thought-provoking scenarios. “What Would You Do?” airs Fridays (9:01-10:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC.

Friday, July 22 scenarios include:

HIV+: Atlanta has one of the country’s highest rates of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The hardest hit is the city’s African-American gay community. At a restaurant in downtown Atlanta, a young man reveals to his friend that he has just tested positive for HIV. His friend reacts negatively and has a lot of questions about the subject. As the friend grows uncomfortable, will other people at the restaurant step-in?

Poor Family: A mother can’t afford to buy her son the toy she promised him for getting straight “As” because they need the money to put food on the table. How will the people of Marietta, Georgia, react?

Pray Away the Gay: Conservative, Christian parents just can’t accept that their teenage son is gay. In a desperate attempt to “fix” him, they have their pastor try to “pray the gay out of him.” What will onlookers do?

Picky Eater: A diner can’t decide what she wants to order, so she starts asking strangers if she can sample their food. Will they let her have a try?

At the Club: Two girls are in line at a nightclub, excited about their night out. When they finally make it to the front of the line, the bouncer has a very strict and offensive admission policy, berating one of the girls about how she is not thin enough to get in. How will bystanders respond?

Danielle Rossen is executive producer of “What Would You Do?”


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