‘What Would You Do?’ Episode Guide (July 29): Adderall Addiction; Snarky Ventriloquist

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‘What Would You Do?’ Episode Guide (July 29): Adderall Addiction; Snarky Ventriloquist

“What Would You Do?” (07/22/16) – Using actors and hidden cameras, “What Would You Do?” creates situations to capture people’s genuine reactions.

In the show’s landmark 10th season, anchor John Quiñones continues to ask the tough questions and explore the decisions people make when presented with these thought-provoking scenarios. “What Would You Do?” airs Fridays (9:01-10:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC.

Friday, July 29 scenarios include:

Adderall Addiction: Two male college students in a bar start popping Adderall and drinking alcohol to stay up and party. They try to convince the girl they are with to join them. Will anyone try to stop the students from this potentially dangerous behavior?

On the DL: A husband and wife are having lunch, celebrating their anniversary. They seem to be in love, but the husband keeps getting distracted by the texts on his phone. When the wife goes to the bathroom, a man comes in and kisses her husband on the lips. It’s obvious he’s cheating on his wife with this man. When the wife returns the boyfriend leaves and hides. Will customers say something?

Parental Approval: A girl is introducing her parents, who are visiting from out of town, to her boyfriend. He arrives, and her family is surprised to see that he is in a wheelchair – something they are not happy about. When he goes to the bathroom, they express their disapproval, making derogatory remarks. How will customers react?

Shopping While Black (OAD: 5/23/14): An African American manis shopping at an upscale clothing store near Wall Street. A salesperson tells the shopper he is watching him and asks if he can even afford to shop at the store. Continuing to follow the shopper, the salesperson tells him they don’t have any “urban” clothes in this store. Eventually, the salesperson calls the security guard over to pat him down before he leaves the store. Will anyone defend the shopper from being racially profiled? “Shark Tank” host and entrepreneur Daymond John joins Quinones to discuss the results. What happens when Daymond John plays the part of the profiled shopper?

Snarky Ventriloquist: A snarky ventriloquist street performer is berating passersby with inappropriate jokes. Will anyone stand up to the ventriloquist?

Danielle Rossen is executive producer of “What Would You Do?”


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