‘Mystery Millionaire’ Episode Guide (July 11): Ad Exec. Goes Undercover as a Struggling Artist

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‘Mystery Millionaire’ Episode Guide (July 11): Ad Exec. Goes Undercover as a Struggling Artist

“The Art of Deception” (07/11/14) – Vito Glazers, a marketing and advertising mogul, goes undercover as an struggling artist in the hopes of scoring a woman who looks past his wealth. But when he’s too successful at playing the directionless creative type, will it scare away the ambitious woman he falls for?

When you’re wealthy, the world is your oyster. Luxury cars, fine restaurants, and five-star travel are commonplace; but how good is the “good life” if you don’t have someone to share it with? WE tv’s newest original series “Mystery Millionaire,” premiering Friday, May 30 at 10 PM ET/PT, follows wealthy bachelors (and one bachelorette) who’ve been unlucky in love as they go undercover as average singles in search of their soul mates.

From the team behind “Undercover Boss,” the show follows a format designed to help the millionaires find someone who truly loves them for who they are…and not their bank accounts. Each episode focuses on one millionaire, who goes on three blind dates and picks one lucky lady, or guy, to get to know better. Then, the couple embarks on a whirlwind romance, including one-on-one dates, meeting the friends, and visiting the millionaire at their ‘undercover job’. Through it all, the millionaire struggles to maintain their undercover story, and at the same time, determine if real love is blooming with someone who isn’t “in it for the money”. But, when they reveal their true identities, will the objects of their affection be willing to overlook that their relationship was built on lies, or will dishonesty trump everything?

In the first of six hour-long episodes, we are introduced to Greg Plitt, a fitness model and entrepreneur from Burbank, CA. He’s an adrenaline-junkie who loves high-end electronics but goes undercover as a low-tech landscaper. After Greg charms his way through three dates, he falls hard for one of the women, but how will she react when he reveals the truth?

Other millionaires featured this season on “Mystery Millionaire” include Ethan Alexander, a Silicon Valley investor from San Francisco, CA; bachelor Kal Williams from Sherman Oaks, CA; Mick Kittredge III, President and CEO of Kringle Candle Company and a former MMA fighter, from Leverett, MA; Mandy Wolfe, Carnation heiress from Santa Monica, CA; and ad executive Vito Glazers from Los Angeles, CA.

When the million-dollar lie is finally revealed, will their dates be able to move past it into relationship bliss or will deceit tear them apart? With each response unpredictable, “Mystery Millionaire” is the true test of the vow ‘for richer or poorer’.

“Mystery Millionaire” is produced for WE tv by All3Media America/Studio Lambert and executive produced by Eli Holzman, Stephen Lambert, Aaron Saidman, Jacob Cohen-Holmes and Chris McKim. Executive producers for WE tv are Lauren Gellert and Annabelle McDonald.


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