‘Meet the Press’ Episode Guide (Oct. 4): Donald Trump; Gun Control Debate

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‘Meet the Press’ Episode Guide (Oct. 4): Donald Trump; Gun Control Debate

“Meet the Press” (10/04/15) – As more details continue to emerge on Thursday’s tragic shootings in Oregon, the United States turns again to a conversation focused on gun control and mental illness.

President Obama immediately politicized the shootings to reignite the national debate, calling for action on gun safety legislation, while 2016 presidential contenders responded to the tragedy on the campaign trail. Chuck and the panel examine the ongoing national conversation and the likelihood of follow through in Washington.

Donald Trump: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump released his tax plan earlier this week, making headlines with its estimated cost of $12 trillion over 10 years — a direct counter to his pledge that the plan “doesn’t add to our debt and deficit.” Trump also reversed his earlier support of welcoming Syrian migrants to the United States, stating this week that they are “going back” because they “could be ISIS.” Chuck talks with Trump in person about all of this and more.

New NBC News/Marist Poll Numbers from Iowa and New Hampshire: “Meet the Press” will have the first look at new poll numbers out Sunday on where 2016 presidential contenders stand in the two earliest states: Iowa and New Hampshire.

Russia Begins Airstrikes on Syria: On Wednesday, Russia began strategic airstrikes in Syria in the fight against ISIS, warning the U.S. to steer clear of Syria’s airspace. The bombings have come under question from U.S. officials on whether the strikes are also targeting rebels trying to overthrow Russia’s longtime ally President Bashar Assad. What does this mean for the U.S. and its strategy? Chuck talks with two former presidential advisers, Stephen Hadley and Michael McFaul, on the developing situation overseas.

This Week in Politics: Did President Obama’s remarks on the tragic Oregon shooting effectively begin a conversation again on gun safety? Did Hillary Clinton catch a big break this week with the comments of likely Speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy on the intentions of the Benghazi committee? How will the Obama administration handle Syria? The political roundtable tackles all of this and more on Sunday.

This week’s political roundtable panel includes Amy Holmes, Anchor, The Blaze TV; Mark Leibovich, Chief National Correspondent, The New York Times Magazine; Rich Lowry, Editor, The National Review; and Ruth Marcus, Columnist, The Washington Post.

“Meet the Press” originates from the NBC Studios in Washington, D.C. When events dictate, however, the program travels to the scenes of major news events. These locales have included East Berlin, London, the Atlanta & Beijing Olympics, and the sites of presidential primaries, Democratic and Republican national conventions and international summit meetings.

President John F. Kennedy once called “Meet the Press” the “fifty-first state.” Since then, every man who has occupied the Oval Office has appeared on the program during his career. On February 8, 2004, Tim Russert conducted an exclusive, hour-long interview with President George W. Bush from the Oval Office. It was his first Sunday morning interview since becoming president. Every vice president since Alben Barkley in 1952, every secretary of state from John Foster Dulles to Condoleezza Rice, and every secretary of defense from Robert McNamara to Donald Rumsfeld (both times around!) have appeared on the program.

Betsy Fischer is the executive producer, Adam Verdugo is the senior producer, Chris Donovan and Ilana Marcus Drimmer are producers of “Meet the Press.”


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