‘Last Man Standing’ Episode Guide (April 15): Kyle Fears Meeting a Minister for Premarriage Counseling

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‘Last Man Standing’ Episode Guide (April 15): Kyle Fears Meeting a Minister for Premarriage Counseling

“The Marriage Doctor” (04/15/16) – When Mike finds out future son-in-law Kyle fears meeting with the church’s new minister (guest star Bill Engvall), Mike tells Kyle to use him and Vanessa as a strong marriage example.

But a recent argument ends up sending them to the minister instead. Meanwhile, Ryan helps Eve with her assignment to debate from the opposite side of her politically conservative beliefs, on “Last Man Standing,” FRIDAY, APRIL 15 (8:00-8:31 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

“The Marriage Doctor” was written by Lisa K. Nelson and directed by Tim Clark.

Guest starring in this episode are Bill Engvall as Reverend Paul and Erin Kolpek as assistant.

Tim Allen returns for a fifth season as Mike Baxter in “Last Man Standing.” New challenges greet Mike as he continues to be surrounded by forces seeking to test his ideas on just about everything in which he strongly believes.

Mike has returned from being on a fantastic two-month road trip, traveling to far-flung places for Outdoor Man, the sporting goods emporium where he is marketing director. It’s great to be back with his wife, Vanessa, and their three daughters, but finds a lot has been going on at home as well as the job since he’s been away.

Vanessa is facing the realities of her new job. She changed careers from being a geologist to a rewarding yet challenging new job as a science teacher at one of Denver’s under-funded high schools. The devoted mother is also facing an upcoming empty nest syndrome and searches for that balance between holding on and letting go.

The oldest Baxter daughter, Kristin, is no longer a single mom and has married Ryan, the father of their eight-year-old son, Boyd. She is finding success as the manager of the up-and-coming Outdoor Man Grill restaurant. But Mike’s relationship with her gets a bit complicated since she is now a key member of his work “family.”

As Kristin flourishes in her work life, Mike ends up spending more time with his liberal-leaning son-in-law Ryan, who is now applying his know-it-all approach to fatherhood. Mike considers his grandson Boyd as the other “last man standing” in his life and feels compelled to save the boy from the liberal guidance of his young parents.

The clothing design business for middle daughter, Mandy, is starting to thrive. This budding entrepreneur discovers that her father is an important emotional resource as she deals with the aggravations that accompany her drive towards success.

But that drive brings into contrast the different approaches she and her boyfriend, Kyle, take towards life. Mandy is ambitious and has big dreams, while the loyal and cheerful Kyle is content with where he is: working with his hero, Mike.

Mike must help his youngest daughter, Eve, navigate the stress of her final year of high school as she strives toward her lifelong dream of attending the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. But events unfold, which cause Eve to wonder where her dreams begin and where other people’s (particularly Mike’s) expectations of her end.

Chuck Larabee, Mike’s neighbor, is now the head of security at Outdoor Man. While Mike and Chuck insist that the conflict between them comes from their differences, everyone else knows it comes from their similarities. They’re both grumpy, difficult and opinionated. And proud of it.

Mike’s long-time boss and friend, Ed Alzate, finds himself learning to date again in a social media world. He depends upon Mike’s daughters, particularly Mandy, to help him navigate these strange waters (and apps). For better or worse, Ed continues to prove that age is no indication of someone’s youth.

Mike tries to escape all the drama in the warm, manly embrace of the Outdoor Man store. He still revels in his Outdoor Man video-blog, which he delightedly uses as a pulpit for his opinions and a voice to appeal to those who agree that manliness is under assault.

Through it all, Mike is a beacon of common sense amid the chaos of a larger world that keeps changing; and, according to Mike Baxter, those changes are not for the better.

“Last Man Standing” stars Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, Nancy Travis as Vanessa Baxter, Molly Ephraim as Mandy Baxter, Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter, Amanda Fuller as Kristin Baxter, Jordan Masterson as Ryan Vogelson, Christoph Sanders as Kyle Anderson, Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter, Jonathan Adams as Chuck Larabee and Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate.

“Last Man Standing” is created by Jack Burditt and executive-produced by Matt Berry, Tim Allen, Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, Shawn Levy, Richard Baker, Rick Messina, Kevin Abbott, Kevin Hench, Michael Shipley and is from Twentieth Century Fox Television.


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