First Day of ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Generates Record-Setting FXX Ratings

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First Day of ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Generates Record-Setting FXX Ratings

When FXX landed the exclusive cable syndication rights to the landmark animated comedy series “The Simpsons” last November, it was the biggest off-network deal in television history: a record 552 episodes and counting. Well, it may only be one day, but it looks like a very big deal for the success of FXX, the newest channel from FX Networks that launched on September 3, 2013.

In what is believed to be the longest marathon in television history, day one of FXX’s 12-day marathon of “The Simpsons” recorded the network’s highest Total Day and Primetime average ratings for a single day ever for the network.

“We knew that ‘The Simpsons’ could be transformative for FXX and its performance yesterday truly exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Chuck Saftler, President, Program Strategy and COO, FX Networks. “It is a testament to the power of one of the greatest shows in television history and the genius of Jim Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean and everyone associated with the show. Their support of our launch has been invaluable. We’re off to a great start, we still have 11 days of binging left in our record-breaking marathon, and many years of The Simpsons to come on FXX. WOO HOO!”

Below please the report by Julie Piepenkotter, Executive Vice President of Research, FX Networks.

“There’s only one thing to do at a moment like this: strut!” – Bart Simpson

Woot, woot! The brilliant, iconic, ground-breaking, beloved series that is “The Simpsons” opened spectacularly yesterday on FXX. Sit back, take a load off, grab a donut why don’t you, and bask in a bevy of superlatives.


· In every daypart, “The Simpsons” led FXX to its most-watched day ever. Compared to FXX’s daypart average to date (9/2/13 – 8/20/14), “The Simpsons” bettered FXX primetime (8-11PM) by +391% in Total Viewers (1.01 million vs. 206,000) and +461% in P18-49 (623,000 vs. 111,000) … daytime (10A-3P) by +652% in Total Viewers (376,000 vs. 50,000) and P18-49 by +770% (235,000 vs. 27,000) … early fringe (3-6P) by +515% in Total Viewers (572,000 vs. 93,000) and +626% in P18-49 (385,000 vs. 53,000) … access (6-8P) by +492% in Total Viewers (876,000 vs. 148,000) and +610% in P18-49 (575,000 vs. 81,000) … and late night (11P-3A) by +331% in Total Viewers (556 vs. 129) and +389% in P18-49 (372,000 vs. 76,000).

·All in: this aggregates to “The Simpsons'” premiere day of the 12-day marathon bettering FXX’s prior Total Day average by +524% in Total Viewers (624,000 vs. 100,000) and +618% in P18-49 (402,000 vs. 56,000).

· Of yesterday’s 34 telecasts of “The Simpsons” (ratings for post 300A telecasts are not available till Monday):

·In Total Viewers: 18 rank among FXX’s Top 30 telecasts of all time. What’s more, FXX’s Top 10 telecasts ever in Total Viewers all consist of yesterday’s episodes of “The Simpsons”: “The Simpsons'” most-watched telecast yesterday (1.23 million) @ 830P “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”).

·In P18-49: yesterday’s “The Simpsons” telecasts repped 17 of the Top 30 FXX telecasts of all time and 8 of the Top 10, including the top two.


· With “The Simpsons” Marathon, FXX ranked #1 in Basic Cable Primetime last night among M18-34; #2 in P18-34 (467,000); #4 in M18-49; and #5 in P18-49 (623,000) and M25-54.

·In M18-34, FXX outperformed #2-ranked Adult Swim by +12% (283,000); #3-ranked TBS by +45% (220,000); #4-ranked NFL Network by +45% (219,000); #5-ranked Comedy Central by +63% (195,000); and #6-ranked ESPN by more than double (+105%, 155,000).

·In P18-34, FXX fell just behind #1-ranked Adult Swim (511,000), but outdelivered #3-ranked TBS by +14% (409,000); #4-ranked NFL Network by +50% (311,000); #5-ranked Comedy Central by +56% (299,000); #7-ranked USA by +66% (282,000); and #9-ranked ESPN by +77% (264,000).

· Compared to FXX’s CY14 to-date Basic Cable Primetime ranks and deliveries, “The Simpsons” soared:

·In P18-49, last night FXX (#5) vaulted 40 spots from its CY14 to-date Prime rank (#45). In P18-34, last night FXX (#2) climbed 37 spots from its CY14 to-date rank (#39).

·Last night, FXX outperformed its CY14 to-date Primetime delivery by +419% in P18-49 (623,000 vs. 120,000) and +608% in P18-34 (467,000 vs. 66,000).

What’s more, last night’s “The Simpsons” telecasts on FXX were some of the highest-rated on Basic Cable:

· In P18-34, all six of last night’s telecasts ranked in the Top 20 for the night, led by the 830P telecast of “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge” (570,000) at #3.

· In M18-34, all six of last night’s telecasts ranked in the Top 15 for the night, led by last night’s 800P telecast of “Bart the Daredevil” at #3.

· Among P18-49, five of last night’s six telecasts ranked in the Top 25, led by “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge” at #11 (749,000).

· Among M18-49, all six of last night’s telecasts ranked in the Top 25, led by “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge” at #8.

The above press release was issued by FXX.


Source: Nielsen Media Research // 01/01/18 - 01/07/18
NFL Wildcard GameNBC7.0022.82 million
Golden Globe AwardsNBC5.0019.01 million
The Big Bang TheoryCBS3.1016.16 million
The SimpsonsFOX2.806.95 million
Young SheldonCBS2.6014.70 million
Ellen's Game of GamesNBC2.408.88 million
Ellen's Game of GamesNBC2.208.84 million
9-1-1FOX1.806.83 million
Modern FamilyABC1.705.90 million
MomCBS1.709.88 million


Sunday Night FootballNBC6.7719.04 million
Thursday Night FootballCBS4.7314.75 million
Young SheldonCBS3.8015.86 million
The Big Bang TheoryCBS3.2514.48 million
This Is UsNBC3.1811.42 million
The Voice (Mon.)NBC2.5010.72 million
The Voice (Tues.)NBC2.4010.62 million
Will & GraceNBC2.137.69 million
Grey's AnatomyABC2.178.07 million
The Good DoctorABC2.1010.86 million