‘CBS 48 Hours’ Episode Guide (April 23): The 2012 Shooting Death of Ryan Poston Investigated

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‘CBS 48 Hours’ Episode Guide (April 23): The 2012 Shooting Death of Ryan Poston Investigated

A successful young attorney is gunned down in his own home. The shooter? His on-again, off-again girlfriend, a beautiful, young graduate student. She says it was self-defense. Police say it was something else.

What happened between Ryan Poston and Shayna Hubers on Oct. 12, 2012? Peter Van Sant and “48 Hours” investigate the death of Poston and the case against Hubers in back-to-back editions, “Breaking Point” and “Obsessed,” to be broadcast tonight, April 23 (9:00 PM ET/PT, 10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

At the time of his death, Poston was a 29-year-old self-employed lawyer with a promising future ahead of him. Hubers, too, was “very, very, bright,” according to Highland Heights, Kentucky Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer.

“When he walked into a room, he immediately demanded attention,” says Poston’s friend, Allie Wagner. “And he got it. He was a very good-looking guy and he had a very big heart.”

What is certain is Hubers shot Poston. She admitted she shot him the moment she dialed 9-1-1. But what led to the shooting, however, is where the story takes unexpected turns. After the incident, Hubers was taken to police headquarters. There, she told police she wanted a lawyer but then, unexpectedly, she began talking on and off for more than two-and-half-hours with a police camera rolling. Hubers also danced, sang and snapped her fingers humming, “I did it! Yes, I did it.” Portions of the video will be broadcast by “48 Hours.”

“If you go to jail, are you allowed to keep your phone?” Hubers asked later on the video.

Hubers also told police Poston attacked her and was “throwing me around the room.” Investigators, though, say the evidence didn’t support her claim of self-defense.

“Someone who is in shock does not pirouette” says prosecutor Michelle Snodgrass.

“Within six hours of putting six bullets into Ryan Poston and watching him die, she danced and sang.”

“Shayna Hubers is not a murderer. No she is not,” says Hubers’ mom, Sharon Hubers.

So why would she shoot him? Was it a breakup gone bad or something else? And what led to Hubers’ unusual police department conversation?

Van Sant and “48 Hours” report the story through interviews with police, the prosecutor, friends of the couple and more. “48 Hours: Breaking Point” and “48 Hours: Obsessed” are produced by Clare Friedland, Lourdes Aguiar, Elena DiFiore and Shoshanah Wolfson. Joan Adelman and Gregory F. McLaughlin are the producer-editors. George Baluzy, Diana Modica, Grayce Arlotta-Berner and Atticus Brady are the editors. Judy Tygard is the senior producer. Suzan Zirinsky is the senior executive producer.


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