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Television Impulse is the web’s cumulative source for everything television, both on-the-screen and behind-the-scenes. Headed up by co-founders and editors Jonathan Menendez and Sophia Baker, TVImpulse.com provides our viewers with detailed and daily small screen Nielsen ratings data and analysis, industry news, broadcast and cable network scheduling, and news on your favorite television series.

Jonathan and Sophia are not only the executive editor and managing editor, respectively, but also personal friends and have known each other since they attended college in the early 2000s.

Jonathan has had a fascination with everything number crunching for as long as he can remember — whether that meant sifting through television ratings and compiling charts, diving into the raw data of political polling figures, keeping track of how a music artist’s latest album release compared to its predecessor, or even analyzing attendance statistics of various sporting events — he has always had a soft spot for data.

Jonathan overlooks the daily ratings reports that are posted every afternoon by our contributor, Nicole Morris, and has pieced together a plethora of ratings data on Excel spreadsheets for years which helps Nicole compare and contrast year-to-year trends.

Sophia, a self-professed television junkie, has an unparalleled record of becoming addicted to TV shows that never last more than a season, which for her and her friends has become an ongoing joke. Sophia would often watch these shows, recommend them to friends and would wonder what happened to them when the next season rolled around. Of course, networks don’t just go around announcing on their TV programs that a show won’t be returning for another season. She eventually learned that the fate of her favorite series depended heavily on their ratings, which she started following much more closely in subsequent years to gauge whether her favorite shows were safe.

Sophia personally launched our “TV Watch” section in early 2013, which ranks each show that airs on every broadcast network in descending order. Generally, the programs that fall on the bottom of the list are in danger of not returning, whereas those on top are safe, and those somewhere in the middle are vulnerable to cancellation.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, both Jonathan and Sophia attended and graduated from the University of Illinois campus at Urbana–Champaign in what is described to the locals as “downstate” Illinois, about 140 miles away from their homes in the big city. Jonathan has a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, and Sophia a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

With the combined knowledge and experiences of Jonathan and Sophia, they hope they will be able to bring their studies and longtime television observations and instincts to viewers on TVImpulse.com.

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Source: Nielsen Media Research // 01/08/18 - 01/14/18
NFL Divisional PlayoffCBS7.9026.69 million
The SimpsonsFOX3.308.04 million
The Big Bang TheoryCBS3.1015.93 million
The NFL TodayCBS2.7010.23 million
This Is UsNBC2.709.65 million
Young SheldonCBS2.6014.17 million
Bob's BurgersFOX2.104.76 million
Ellen's Game of GamesNBC2.107.89 million
Family GuyFOX1.804.10 million
MomCBS1.609.54 million


Sunday Night FootballNBC6.7719.04 million
Thursday Night FootballCBS4.7314.75 million
Young SheldonCBS3.8015.86 million
The Big Bang TheoryCBS3.2514.48 million
This Is UsNBC3.1811.42 million
The Voice (Mon.)NBC2.5010.72 million
The Voice (Tues.)NBC2.4010.62 million
Will & GraceNBC2.137.69 million
Grey's AnatomyABC2.178.07 million
The Good DoctorABC2.1010.86 million